About Us

Our owner, Michael LeBlanc, grew up in Thatcher, Arizona working alongside his grandfather who maintained a large farm. He became comfortable using heavy equipment and with outdoor work. After high school, and moving to the Mesa, Arizona area, Michael worked for a lawn company for 2 years. This allowed him to have more mentoring and experience in this field of work. Ten years later, he decided to try his hand at owning his own business in a field that reflected his memories as a youth. He wanted to create an "Eden for every customer", a well-cared for property that was peace to be in and look at.

Knights Of Eden LLC has been in business for 4 years since 2018. Michael values entrepreneurship. He wanted to create a business that he had a talent in and had experience in. We offer a variety of services. Our focus is to take care of the whole property and we try to focus on the quality of the work.

Our Family-owned business. We strive to uphold honesty and hard work as our main values. We want our customers' yards to be a place they love to be at and on less worry on their plate. Having clear communication, being upright about the work and finishing it until it is done. In the future, we wants to be well known in the Wasath area and grow our business to not only care for our customers and their properties, but our employees with great pay and benefits.